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How Does A Heat Pump Work In Winter

How Does A Heat Pump Work In Winter When winter arrives, and the temperatures drop, you may wonder how you will keep your home warm without depending on conventional heating systems. Introducing the heat pump, an adaptable and energy-efficient heating solution that’s effective even on the coldest days of the year in Ontario. But how […]Read More

Heat pump vs air conditioning

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioning Do you want to keep your room cool and comfortable? When it comes to beating the heat, you have options! A heat pump and an air conditioning system have benefits and drawbacks, and knowing the differences can help you make the most acceptable choice for your cooling needs. Therefore, the […]Read More

Are heat pumps energy efficient

Are heat pumps energy efficient? The question of whether heat pumps genuinely live up to their reputation as energy-efficient systems is critical for homeowners looking for low-cost, environmentally conscious options for home heating and cooling solutions. And as a certified HVAC company proudly serving the Whitby community and surrounding neighbourhoods, whether heat pumps are energy […]Read More

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada

Are heat pumps worth it in Canada? In Canada’s chilly climate, where winters can be long and icy, the question is whether heat pumps are worthwhile. As homeowners look for effective and affordable heating solutions, the practicality of heat pumps comes into play. Heat pumps have the unique benefit of being able to provide both […]Read More

What is a heat pump, and how does it work?

What is a heat pump, and how does it work? With so many HVAC units available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your home, especially if you aren’t sure what options you have. Therefore, the team at Limcan Certified Heating and Air Conditioning has put together this post so you can […]Read More
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Furnaces vs. Boilers vs. Heat Pumps: What Are They & Which is Right for You?

Expert Advice on Heat Pumps, Boilers & Furnaces With modern advancements in home heating, there is more choice than ever before. Whether you’re building a new home or have an older home that requires a new system, there are many things to consider before deciding on the right heating system for you, your family, and […]Read More