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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Whitby & Area

Certifiably Different

Many of our technicians join the team at Limcan Certified because they know they’ll receive ongoing comprehensive training and Right Time™ certification.

The team at Limcan Certified Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Whitby and surrounding areas since 1964 – that’s over half a century of local expertise!

Limcan Certified Heating & Air Conditioning has A+ accreditation with our local BBB. We are also retail partners with ENERGY STAR® , fully bonded, licensed, insured, and have a 4.9-star rating on Google on top of it all.

Being in the local HVAC industry since 1964, we have collected a wealth of knowledge and experience – over 55 years and 30,000 home installations, to be precise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dryer vents accumulate lint over time, just like the lint in your dryer’s lint trap builds up over time. While this is a normal occurrence for any dryer, this lint does need to be removed regularly. If the lint is not removed, it can become a serious safety risk as dryer lint is flammable and can cause dryer fires.

When it’s time for a dryer vent cleaning will depend on how often you do laundry, so it’s difficult to give a standard timeline. There are a few things you’ll notice, however, when it’s time for a cleaning. You’ll probably be able to see the lint buildup in your vents and you’ll also notice that your clothes are taking more time to dry.

How long it takes to clean your dryer vents depends on a couple of different factors, but for most homes, it will take 2 to 4 hours. It may take longer if it has been a while since your last cleaning, as there will be more lint to clear away. How easily accessible your dryer vents are will also impact how long it takes.

Limcan Certified Heating & Air Conditioning Runs On Integrity

For up to 2 years from the day we install your heating or cooling unit, we will repair, replace, or refund anything necessary until you are completely happy with your new system. That’s our guarantee to you.

Why Choose Us?


No Loopholes™

We won’t settle for less, so we wouldn’t expect you to. If within 2 years of the date of installation, you are not entirely satisfied with your home comfort system or service, we will do everything we can including removing the system and returning your investment. No Loopholes™ – guaranteed.


No Hassle™

If your system breaks down and you are left without temperature control within the first 2 years of installment, we will fix it within 24 hours of the time you call or give you $1000 for the inconvenience.  No Hassle™ –  guaranteed.


Just Right™

We guarantee not only that the system we install will control the temperature of your home precisely for a full 5 years, but we also guarantee no temperature variance of over 2 degrees Celsius at the thermostat. If the system fails to meet this expectation, we will fix it; up to and including replacing the entire system, free of charge. Just Right™ – guaranteed.


We Respect You™

Our technicians aren’t just HVAC experts, they’re the best in the business when it comes to customer service. We don’t take the trust our customers invest in us lightly. We guarantee that while our workers are at your home, they will respect your time, and protect your property from any possible damage, while leaving their work area just as neat as they found it. If they should fail to meet this standard, you’ll receive our full 5-year System Check-Up Package. We Respect You™ – guaranteed.

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Guaranteed Comfort

We aren’t satisfied with your installation, until you are – guaranteed.

Credit Where It’s Due

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9-star rating with Google.

Always Local

Limcan Certified is locally owned and operated. We take pride in our community.

Reliable Service

Our technicians are ready to help, no matter the time, and never at an unexpected price.

Technological Expertise

All of our technicians are Right Time™ certified and continually trained.

Real Experience

Whitby & area has been Limcan Certified since 1964 – that’s over 55 years of local expertise.

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